I drag myself into my materials engineering class having no motivation to succeed in engineering. This program was kicking my ass class after class.

300 students staring at a blank projector screen eagerly ready to soak in all sixty slides of information about to be thrown at us; I casually crack open my half-filled notebook.

The professor flies through the first twenty slides reminding us that this was review.

One after another, each slide reminding me how much I don’t know about this subject. 

I start to accept defeat and zone out this class telling myself, ‘I’ll come back more prepared next class.’ The usual response to my failure.





Question appears:

“If the Poisson’s ratio is given as 0.3 and Young’s modulus is given to 7e10. What will be the value for shear modulus?”

Oh God

Think, Anthony, Think!

Young’s Modulus is a ratio, and I know there is an equation for shear stress. What is it!

Wait, what’s modulus, is that the same as shear stress equation.

“Yo” (to the guy sitting next to me) “Do you know if shear modulus is the same as shear stress”

“I have no idea,” He says

“I need to start paying attention in this class, hahaha, I guessed ‘C’” 

“Alright ‘C’ sounds good to me, too” having no idea how he got to that.


Question after question

 “I’m thinking ‘D’, you?

“That sounds about right”





Per usual, the professor holds the class to the last second. I am watching the clock tick as seconds are turning into hours to release me of these torturous shackles he calls review questions

Wrong, wrong, right. right. 

11:50. Class is over. 300 students scramble to get their things together and run to safety

“Don’t forget the next class is our test and it has traditionally been the most failed test, be prepared?” the professor says.

A big sigh comes from the mass.

I lean over to the guy sitting next to me

“Yo, nice work today. Good luck on the test, and if I don’t see you good luck the rest of the semester.”

“You too man, good luck”

Little did I know, that kid sitting next to me was going to become a future study partner, great friend, roommate, and my co-founder of Up The Ante Productions.

Sometimes the world has a funny way of revealing your path in life.